I’m Hayley Madl, a doctoral student at George Mason University and currently a Graduate Research Assistant at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. My research interests lie primarily in early America, especially in the indigenous history of the northeastern woodlands. My past work has revolved around diplomacy, treaty councils, and expressions of sovereignty of the Haudenosaunee during the 18th century.

Outside of academia, I have long been involved in living history both in western Pennsylvania where I grew up and more recently at George Washington’s Mount Vernon. I have a passion for public history and hands-on education that often manifests itself in an assortment of practical skills, especially in textiles (if you need anyone to spin wool, sew an outfit, or do some open-fire cooking, drop me a line). I am someone who learns best by doing, and I am fascinated by what historical skills can teach that traditional documents can’t.